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Improve Your Dental Hygiene This Spring

Jul 8

As spring approaches, it may be an excellent time to make changes to your approach to oral health. Humans are thought to be primarily creatures of habit. While some of us perceive ourselves to be more spontaneous, the truth is that almost all of us live a heavily organized life. True, we may occasionally deviate from this pattern by doing something unexpected, but our daily lives most likely follow a similar way. While some of this is due to professional pressures, it also frequently applies to the small things we perform daily, such as our morning ritual.


We assume that many of our Rockhill, SC patients' mornings begin with "wake up, shower, breakfast, clean teeth, go to work." This is most likely true across the country, and while there will be variances, such as going to the gym or going for a morning run, it is the 'clean teeth' aspect that we, as dentists, want to focus on today.


Cleaning your teeth

We realize that while some people are very organized in the morning, others are not and will most likely be rushing to get to work on time. When this is the case, one of the things that gets rushed is the morning cleaning of the teeth. It's easy to dismiss this as less vital than pre-bedtime brushing. Still, even if we haven't eaten anything since our previous brushing, bacteria will have accumulated over the night and formed a fine film over our teeth and gums.


These bacteria can potentially cause gum disease and even tooth decay if not properly treated. It is consequently critical that we do not merely brush our teeth or swish with mouthwash. While these are preferable to nothing, they will not suffice to maintain your teeth and gums healthy.


Second, ensure that your toothpaste is a reputable brand and that it contains fluoride. This is an essential element since it aids in the strengthening of the enamel that protects our teeth. Some 'natural' toothpastes may not include this, putting you at risk of tooth decay. If you don't already use dental floss, this is something you should start doing. Gum disease and tooth decay often start in the space between the teeth your brush won't reach. Using floss is an excellent approach to help prevent this.


Take care with what you drink.

Our drinking habits may change when the weather warms. We may be tempted to drink more alcohol as well as soft drinks when we are outside since it is warm. As previously stated, excessive alcohol use can be a substantial contributor to gum disease due to dehydration. In addition, it may play a role in the development of oral cancer.


Soft drinks, while not acting this way, frequently contain very high levels of sugar and are acidic, posing a severe threat to the enamel on our teeth. It is not uncommon for someone who consumes them daily to have sensitive teeth. Remember, while we understand that people will occasionally drink them, water is your best friend and should be your 'go-to' method of satisfying your thirst and remaining hydrated.


Remember to visit your dentist!

Finally, the most evident. You should see a dentist regardless of how well you care for your teeth. Even the greatest home brushing can overlook difficult-to-reach areas, allowing rot to grow. If this occurs, it will worsen if not addressed promptly, and you will most likely require a more extensive filling or even lose the tooth. The same is valid for gum disease, and if you are serious about maintaining good oral health, you should make frequent appointments with our Rockhill hygienist here at River District Smiles for a thorough cleaning of your teeth known as a 'scale and polish.'


Enjoy the (hopefully) coming warmer weather, but also use this opportunity to improve your chances of having healthy teeth and gums not just in the months ahead but also in the future.