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Different kinds of massage

Jun 19


Massage therapy is a popular method of managing pain. Massage therapy can be utilized to treat various ailments. People suffering from chronic pain can get benefit from massage therapy. Massage therapy is "patterning and purposeful manipulation of soft tissue to aid in therapeutic goals to ease spasms, pain and tension, as well as promote well-being, health and reduce stress.

What types of massage are available?

Massage therapy is a possibility as a complementary or alternative therapy. It isn't backed by the same scientific research as other treatments. FFC massage can be beneficial.

There are a variety of kinds and types of massage. These are the most well-known kinds of massages you'll come across.


  • Swedish massage

Swedish massage is a popular method used by massage therapists. It is also known as "traditional" massage. Kneading and rolling muscles are a great method to ease tension. It is possible to apply gentle tapping or more firm strokes. The amount of pressure will be based on the patient's tolerance and needs. Massages are not recommended for people who are sensitive to pain.


  • Hot stone massage

The massage is similar in style to Swedish however it utilizes heated stones as well as the hands of the massage therapist. It is possible to use heated stones to aid in relaxation and relieve pain. Massage with hot stones can help improve sleep quality for patients.


  • Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage employs pressure to get the muscles. The massage can help relax of muscles that are tight. The massage may cause discomfort, but not enough to cause you to cry. If you feel that the pressure is too intense consult the massage therapist. Massages that are deep may leave you with soreness for a few days. It's normal and not something to be concerned about. The massage therapist will guide you through the procedure.


  • Trigger point massage

A variety of body parts may have an impact on other parts of our bodies. The cause of headaches is tension in the neck. Trigger point massage employs pressure to ease the tension created by the massage therapist. This can provide relief from pain. It is possible to press on the trigger points until they become free. It is similar to deep-tissue massage. However, it could cause discomfort and pain.

  • Myofascial release

Facia is a thin connective tissue layer that covers your muscles. Facia must be flexible. The massage therapist will be able to determine whether it's not. To ease tension from the fascia, the therapist will focus on the area. Myofascial relaxation has been studied in patients with fibromyalgia. The results revealed that patients who suffer from fibromyalgia have greater anxiety levels, better good sleep and less pain, a better quality of life, and a better quality of life.


  • Shiatsu

To help you relax A shiatsu masseur will apply a firm, pulsing force upon your body. Relaxation is facilitated through Acupressure points. Shiatsu massage is utilized to relieve chronic pain. The study showed improvements in "improvement of the intensity of pain, pressure threshold, quality of sleep, and quality of sleep."


  • Thai massage

Thai massage employs gentle pressure to ease tension and pressure points. There are also yoga postures included in Thai massage. To relieve tension and stress Your therapist will assist you to find the ideal posture. The efficacy of Thai and Swedish massages was assessed. It was determined that Thai massages ease lower back pain that is chronic by improving the physiological function as well as increasing mobility and impairment, as well as improving mood and anxiety.


  • Foam rolling

Foam rolling can be done at home to self-massage. A foam rollator, which is not expensive, along with instructions on how to "roll out" tension or stress is needed. Download the application for chronic pain here for a step-by-step guide on how to use a foam roller to ease discomfort.


Massages can be performed at your home or in a hospital location. It is essential to select only professionals who hold the appropriate qualifications and are certified. People who suffer from pain may use massage in conjunction with other treatments to improve their overall quality of life. It's all about finding out the right treatment for you.

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