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Can Spine Injuries be addressed by Chiropractors? 

May 24


If you're hurt you are hurt, and it is essential to seek out a medical professional. To treat spinal injuries and the neck, a paramount spine chiropractor is recommended when you experience discomfort in your neck, shoulders, or back. It's possible, even if it does not appear to be related to your spine. Chiropractic treatment is the most effective and most effective method to ease pain and repair any injury to your body.

Spinal Cord Injury

There are two kinds (incomplete and full) of spinal cord injury (SCI). Partially SCI is when the spine is removed, but it still performs some functions. A serious injury that results in the death of the entire spinal cord is referred to as a complete SCI. There is a possibility to recover full function through physical therapy. It is all dependent on the degree of the injury. While incomplete SCI is more frequent, however, you can receive chiropractic treatment for both. See an experienced chiropractor in Largo for relief from pain or to treat spinal injuries.


Spinal Cord Injury: Signs and symptoms

A variety of spinal cord injuries could cause discomfort throughout the body. The following symptoms are typical when you see chiropractors treat spinal injuries:

  • The neck is often painful, as are the shoulders, back, and legs, arms, elbows, and shoulders

  • Burning and numbness

  • Muscle spasms

  • Limited movement range

  • Breathing difficulties

  • Resistance to cold, heat, and pressure

  • Headaches and migraines

It isn't easy to bear these symptoms. Patients should see an experienced chiropractor right away for treatment and relief.


Chiropractic Treatment For Spine Injury

The severity of your spinal injury will decide the treatment method that you select. The most commonly used chiropractic procedure for treating spinal cord injuries. These are the most well-known methods:


  • Flexion-Distraction Technique

It is easy and hands-on. It is a form of spinal manipulation that could be utilized to treat herniated discs. To direct force toward your spine, the chiropractor makes use of an incredibly slow pumping motion.

  • Instrument-Assisted Manipulation

This technique that is not thrusting is commonly employed by chiropractors. Instead, chiropractors use an instrument that is held by hand to apply pressure on the spine. People suffering from degenerative joint disorders will benefit from this technique.


  • Special Spinal Manipulation

A spinal cord could cause a restriction or an abnormal movement. A chiropractor can determine the exact location of the injured spinal joints. In order to activate the nervous system and stretch the soft tissues using a gentle thrusting technique may be employed. This can bring back normal motion to the spine.

In addition to chiropractic manipulation, a chiropractor can also provide manual therapies. Manual therapies include:

* instrument-assisted therapy for soft tissue

* Manual resistance as well as stretching of joints

* Therapeutic massage

* Trigger point therapy

* Electrical stimulation that is interferential

* Ultrasound


Chiropractic Treatment for Spinal Injuries: Benefits

To treat injuries to the spinal cord Chiropractic treatment and spinal manipulation are safe and efficient. In just six weeks, chiropractic treatment can help relieve pain in the lower back that is acute.

Chiropractic treatment can ease neck pain and headaches related to injury to the spinal cord. All or any of the chiropractic therapies can be utilized to improve your posture and lessen the symptoms associated with injuries to the spinal cord.

For those suffering from osteoporosis, spinal cord compression, or arthritis that is inflammatory, manipulating the spine is not advised. Patients taking blood thinners must be aware that manipulating the spine is not advised. Patients who have a history of cancer should speak with their physician prior to undergoing any procedure of spinal manipulation.



If chiropractic treatment is provided to treat a spinal injury an exhaustive assessment of the patient must be conducted. Each patient is unique, therefore a thorough exam is necessary. A chiropractor may suggest exercises to help restore normal motion of the spine.

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